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Tamer Zaki, Mohamed Elsherif & Ahmed Elmalt

Mohamed Elsherif

Mohamed Elsherif
Have been working as a software developer for more than 8 years in various roles, and many different businesses, and feels home with the web platform and service oriented environments.

Worked in Microsoft in multiple teams including Microsoft AdCenter, Windows Azure Active Directory.

Also worked in Hulu in big data analytic and metrics platform.

Currently working as Sr. Software Engineer in Microsoft in Redmond, WA, USA
Google+: +Mohamed Elsherif 
Twitter: @bashmohandes
Facebook: bashmohandesx
LinkedIn: Mohamed Elsherif

Tamer Zaki

Tamer Zaki

I’ve been working in the IT industry for more than 8 years, during my career I’ve worked in many project for different business domains with different technologies such as internet portals, Intranet, E-Business solutions, ERP,data warehousing, business process automation, social networks, component based projects, SharePoint solutions…etc
Also I’ve developed an experience in many areas of SDLC such as requirement analysis, software design, planning and deployment.
Currently working as a Development Manager in LinkDotNet in Cairo, Egypt
Google+: +Tamer Zaki
Twitter: @tamez

Ahmed Elmalt

Ahmed ELMalt

As senior software engineer I have been working in software industry since 2000. I started my career during college developing applications using C and C++. In late 2002, I started using .Net Framework, C#, and ASP.Net. Since then I have been developing variety of software solutions including Enterprise solutions, Data Warehouse applications, CRM applications, OCR applications, Reusable Frameworks, Reusable data structures libraries, Distributed applications, Windows Mobile applications, Governmental Web Gates, Intranet Portals, E-commerce solutions, E-business solutions, Community based Web applications, and SharePoint applications.
Currently working as a Principle Software Engineer in Cornerstone OnDemand in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Google+ +Ahmed ElMalt 
Twitter: @eknowledger
LinkedIn: Ahmed Elmalt

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