Friday, April 19, 2013

EP-08 - Game Development

الحلقة الثامنة من راديو اسأل مطور, في هذه الحلقة نستعرض موضوع جديد و هو تطوير الألعاب الاحترافية, نستضيف معنا المهندس محمد مشرف, و هو مهندس مصري له خبرة طويلة في برمجة الألعاب في مصر و في الخارج.
Welcome to the 8th Episode of Ask Developer Podcast, in this episode we discuss the topic of Game Development with guest Mohamed Moshrif.
Moshrif is an Egyptian Software Engineer with years of experience in game development, his career includes well known titles like Halo in 343 Industries, and Cell Factor.

Our guest today is Mohamed Moshrif
An Entrepreneur, Engineer and Novelist. I got over 10 years of combined diverse experience under my belt that spans all aspects of software development whether it's technical, business, management or educational.
I spent my entire career between Egypt and Unites States, working for companies like Microsoft and also starting and joining a couple of startups.
Specialties: I love diversity, I almost read in everything. Although I am a software engineer, I also read in psychology, space. I also write science fiction stuff.

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Twitter @mmoshrif
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