Friday, May 17, 2013

EP12 - The Story of CougarTech - Part 1

راديو اسأل مطور الحلقة الثانية عشر, في هذه الحلقة الخاصة نعود بالماضي لصيف عام 2003 و نتذكر شركة صغيرة بدأت في هذا التوقيت في قلب العاصمة المصرية و داخل أحد أكبار أسواق الالكترونيات و الأجهزة المحمولة, هذه الشركة الصغيرة بفريق من 6 أفراد أغلبهم لازالوا في الجامعة استطاعت أن تحقق نجاحاً متميزاً في وقت قصير جداً.
معنا في هذه الحلقة الفريق التقني و هم أحمد حسني, و محمد صالح و هشام عبد الحافظ و محمد الشريف. 

Welcome to the 12th episode of Ask Developer Podcast, in this episode we go back in time to Summer 2003, and we remember a company that got founded in that time by 6 individuals, most of them are still university students, the company specialized in mobile software especially on Symbian devices which back then were the highest technology available on smartphones.
In this episode the 4 technical team members reunion to tell their story.

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Team Members
Mohamed Saleh.

Over 10 years experiences in Mobile Applications.
Experiences in Symbian, J2ME Andriod and Blackberry
Working in many startups in mobiles fields.
 Facebook: Mohamed Saleh

Hisham Abdelhafez

Expert IT Specialist in IBM
WebSphere Application Server & Portal for 5 years
Back to mobile development this year with IBM Worklight.
Google Plus: +Hisham Abd El-Hafez Eid 

Ahmed Hosny

Consultant Engineer.
Payment Industry. (MasterCard).
Symbian, J2ME, Android and iOS.
10 years of experience.

Google Plus: +Ahmed Hosny 
Facebook: Ahmed Hosny

Mohamed Elsherif (& Host)

Have been working as a software developer for more than 8 years in various roles, and many different businesses, and feels home with the web platform and service oriented environments.

Worked in Microsoft in multiple teams including Microsoft AdCenter, Windows Azure Active Directory.

Currently working as Sr. Software Engineer in Hulu, LLC in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Google+: +Mohamed Elsherif 
Twitter: @bashmohandes
Facebook: bashmohandesx
LinkedIn: Mohamed Elsherif