Saturday, January 18, 2014

EP28 - TypeScript

الحلقة 28 من بودكاست اسأل مطور في هذه الحلقة نناقش تقنية TypeScript و نناقش مميزاتها و عيوبها و المحاولات السابقة و المنافسة لهذا التقنية.


  1. What is type script?
    1. Javascript is super popular, however
    2. Type system suck ==> Tooling is limited.
    3. No modules
    4. Everybody is trying to fix that
    5. JavaScript is the only language approaching the dream of a unified language for client and server
    6. JavaScript was not designed for big systems
    7. Everything runs in the global namespace.
    8. Features added for convenience like type coercion can result in unexpected results
    9. Javascript The Good Parts
  2. Similar Attempts
    1. Attempts to fix No-Modules problem
      1. RequireJS
      2. Dojo's AMD
    2. Google Dart
    3. Coffeescript
    4. GWT
    5. Script#
  3. Microsoft TypeScript
    1. From the C# guys (Anders Hejlsberg)
    2. Open Source
    3. Superset of Javascript, and compiles to Javascript, no browser changes needed
    4. Provide type system in a nice way, with minimum explicit type declaration possible
    5. Provide classes, interfaces, inheritance, Generics … etc
    6. Compatible with ECMA Script 6 specs.
    7. Provides a way to add documentation like XML-Documentation in C#/VB.NET.
      1. Based on JSDoc
      2. Example from the TypeScript core files:
    8. TypeScript Outside Microsoft Ecosystem
    9. Still limited success
    10. Tooling is great for VisualStudio
    11. Grunt plugin for TypeScript
  4.  How to Add TypeScript to your project?
  5. What are Definition Files?
    1. Definition files available for popular libraries like jQuery & node.js
    2. DefinitelyType is a project to collect all popular high-quality definition files.

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