Saturday, February 22, 2014

EP32 - Ask Developer Podcast - Web Development Evolution


  • The simplicity and complexity of the web.
    • It used to be just HTML
    • Then Javascript
    • And CSS
  • And million libraries and frameworks.
  • Markup as a way for building UIs.
    • WPF
  • Server side vs client side (the loop)
  • Web technologies in non-web scenarios:
    • FirefoxOS
    • NodeJS Desktop applications (using Node-Webkit
    • Example: I've used this desktop application and liked it, and a week later discovered that it's a NodeJS app.
  • Browsers as Operating Systems:
    • Chromebooks
    • FirefoxOS
  • Single-page applications (SPA) as a way to blur the lines between web applications and desktop applications.
    • Google's big push for AngluarJS is part of making web application replace desktop applications.